Monday, 4 October 2010

KayCast TWO

Dear Reader,

I've recorded another Podcast. I'm still a little unsure as to their quality/raison d'être, so it may very well be the final instalment. Therefore, you should treat it as preciously as if it were the final butterfly. Albeit a butterfly to which you listen. And a butterfly with a British accent. And a virtual butterfly. OK, that wasn't a great simile but, hopefully, you understand.

I've published it HERE. And submitted it to iTunes too, although I read that Apple have to review it before you can access it through their programme.

Having admitted I'm unsure of the future of podcasting, I'm also MASSIVELY frustrated that both this blog and my Twitter account have stalled in recent weeks. I get around 100 people a day visiting these pages and am very grateful to them all. I've around 1900 followers on Twitter, but this number has stalled ever since I reached my 'following' limit and can't coerce strangers to follow me by first following them.

We need to increase these numbers, America. What should I do? Organise a rally or what?

How to become massively popular? I guess we all face a similar problem but not all of us have killer cheekbones, so, by rights, I should be soon be living off ad income from blogs or at the very least be receiving the odd invitation to open a nightclub in Leicester, say.

COMPETITION - if anyone can prove they increased my popularity in a quantifiable manner*, I shall write them a sonnet.

Good afternoon,


*And I'm talking increased readership in the thousands before you rush to set up a fake Twitter account in your dog's name in the belief that a solitary follower might win you the prize.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kay,
I think there are two ways to be famous: to do some thing very good or to do some thing very bad. The first way is hard, the second way is easy, but you will no have possibility to change it. What do you choose?

Kay Richardson said...

Hi, Alex. Which will get me more ladies?

Anonymous said...

Hi, my English is not perfect. As I understand the question is who bad or good man has more ladies, is not it? I think the bad mad, because we ladies like the bad boys)))

Margaret Murphy Tripp said...

Don't get discouraged. Yours is my favorite blog. I look forward to cracks me up. I think you're going places.

Anonymous said...

Be passionate and be the best at what you do. Do this and people will look you up. Let people find you. Not the other way around. Takes time though. There is a lot of noise on the internet. Takes a while for good stuff to filter through the noise and be noticed.
From what I've seen just keep doing what you are doing. Your blog posts are dam funny!

Kay Richardson said...

Marge, thanks very much. I know I'm going places - DOWN THE CRAPPER. Lolzords.

Urbee, thanks. For a car, you say nice things. I will keep on trucking for the time being - see where it takes me.

Cheers, y'all.

Blair said...

I'll be your personal spambot, baby

Kay Richardson said...

Blair, could you be my pornbot instead?

Kim Curran said...

Liking your podcasts. Keep it up. If you post them, they will come, and all that bull.

That said, you do sound very posh for a bloke living in Blackheath.


Anonymous said...

Kay, have you for one moment paused to consider that maybe it's because what you're writing is a load of crap? Some of it is funny, some of it is even clever, but the vast majority is, not to put too fine a point on it, a complete and utter load of faeces. And if you really are an actor, which I seriously doubt, you'd be much better off attending auditions or parties than wasting your time trying to make a name for yourself with a faecal Twitter and an extrement-splattered blog.