Wednesday, 30 November 2011


I propose the following column:

Poetry based on the 'random article' feature of Wikipedia. For each column, I shall write verse inspired by THE VERY FIRST article presented by Wikipedia. I shall undertake never to load 'random articles' until a favourable one appears.

The next three column subjects are as follow:

a) Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia (how I wish this had been the first selection);
b) Bituing Marikit (a Philippine movie);
c) Friends (the Led Zeppelin song).

Thanks for the opportunity,

Kay Richardson

Shell Builtin
(Mr Computer, if you spot a ‘syntax error’: it’s poetry)

Shell Builtin, you possess a word unheard
(that's Builtin, friend, not shell).
Your most interesting feature and really
of all the Wiki entries, why ‘OS stubs’?
I’ve read your entry twice and still moved to query
Quite what the command term ‘bash-builtin’ does.

I read a widely-used shell builtin is ‘logout’
And briefly your electronic life is seen
(in the belly of my Dell).
You are the doorman of the computer system:
And I imagine you summoned by virtual bell.

You’re described as ‘simple and trivial’ but that doesn’t mean
I don’t warm to you, Shell Builtin.
I once had a girl of simple and trivial chat
But with a body as lithe as a teenage boy's.
Shell Builtin, if only I were teenage too
And then
(command or a function called from a shell)
I may have heard of you.


Mate, it’s got to be a donner. Donner with chips. 
Extra chilli – I’m fucking mad for spice, fucking love it, even though it stains like fuck. 
Where's it from? South America? You buy your chillies from Chile, do you? 
Don't worry about me, I'm like that McIntyre bastard.
A funny fuck. 
He's got a roadshow like Radio 1, fucking Kylie Minogue.
I bet she doesn't like kebabs. You get her in here often, do you?

Salad? You're asking if want salad? You having a laugh? Do I look like I eat salad? 

Don’t answer that, bruv, don’t take the piss.